Personal Narrative: My First Experience Of Personal Loss

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Losing an older family member is hard, but at the same time it’s expected. It’s something you already know you have to prepare for. When you lose a young person, however, it is a vastly different experience. When you lose a friend, when you stand at their funeral it ignites a fire beneath you. After the tears have dried and the people have left, you make a silent vow to protect the rest of your friends. You hope and pray and do everything in your power to make sure you never have to bury another one of them. Wednesday April 2nd 2014 was my first experience of personal loss, I was 15 years old. Normally, on a school day, I would wake up and walk into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast or a coffee if I felt like it. This particular school…show more content…
I’m not a hurricane anymore but instead one of those storms on the bottom of the ocean, full of despair and willing to crush a planet to its core to get that last year with Talieha back. No one will ever know that besides the former selves and ghosts that crashed and died along with the fragment of my heart she held. The other day I was sitting in biology and absentmindedly I wrote her name in the margin of my notebook, the teacher was going on about something I now struggle to recall and the things that should be included in the assignment we had but all I could think about were memories of her and the adventures that are never going to fucking happen because she isn’t here anymore. It has been just over 18 months but let me tell you, that terrible hole in my chest hasn’t gone away at all. It’s still screaming for its missing part, a part that I can’t retrieve in order to make it whole again because she isn’t here anymore. So, I sit here writing this instead of telling Talieha about Year 12 and the exciting things that have happened this year because I can’t and my heart needs more help than my head. I remember a few weeks ago looking up at a blood red moon wondering if it knew the star I wished upon on the night after I saw her in that goddamn hospital bed, and I made another
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