Personal Narrative: My First Football Coach

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North Andrew hadn’t been to a state championship game since the early 90’s. This isn’t acceptable in a small football town like mine. Everyone knew something had to change. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in 2012 that we finally made it back to a state championship. We had a new coach that year and a lot of talent. Our new coach worked our butts off, harder than any other 8 man team in the state. This was difficult for all of us but we later learned that hard work really pays off. My team got a new coach my sophomore year. After we missed the playoffs my freshman year, I remember my team being called into my coach’s office. None of us were happy; we knew we were too good to not still be practicing. We could all see the seriousness on our coach’s face. We had no clue what we were about to be told. Inside we were all hoping he was about to tell us a team cheated and we were going to make the playoffs in their spot like seen in many movies. We all knew this wasn’t…show more content…
I was very nervous and so was the rest of the team. In week one against an opponent that rolled us the year before, we came out and beat them in a blowout half time game. This was to many players’ surprise. We knew that was going to be our hardest game of the regular season and we felt very confident no one was going to beat us now, at least in the regular season. The season continued and it consisted of all half time blowout games. The team, the school, and the community were all very excited. We wanted to win a state championship. Everyone knew winning a state championship was going to be very difficult however because Stanberry was another undefeated team in another conference and on the other side of the playoff bracket. Stanberry was winning many blowout games like we were but everyone was saying how much harder the teams they were playing were. We knew even if we got to the
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