Personal Narrative: My First Football Game

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Our team had no faith in ourselves. We knew something had to be done. As our opponents attempted a possible score, our goalie prevented the goal, but injured himself with 10 minutes remaining on the clock. I pulled up my socks, fastened my shin guards, and went onto the field to substitute for my team’s left forward. About an hour and a half ago, my competitive soccer team in Milpitas was heading to our last game in Bakers Field, California. Unfortunately, our opponents were the second best in our league, and they had won almost all of their games. Nevertheless, my team was up to take the challenge when we start practicing, approximately a half hour before the game begins. To start our game, Josh, our forward, chose heads in the coin toss and we decided to shoot south to avoid the sun. In our first offensive play, I passed to a midfielder, he got past an opponent forward, and kicked horizontally from the right corner of the field. Though, our opponent’s goalie managed to take the ball into his hands before Josh had a chance to kick the ball into the goal. Somehow, our defense held pretty firmly as both the teams went back and forth in attempting to score goals. A critical play was made…show more content…
The last straw occurred when our goalie attempted to block another close goal by our opponents, but got him a sprained ankle in return. Unfortunately, officials determined he had to sit out for the rest of the game. His role in the game was crucial to our win. And with a wave, our goalie left us to perish with 10 minutes left; also, our opponents started with the ball to resume the game. Helpless and battered, exposed to a missile barrage of exhaustion, none of us could take this agony anymore. In comparison to our empty water bottles, our hearts and souls were distilled of hope. When we heard our parents and coach’s encouragement, we felt a light in our hearts to keep us going and work through the hardship
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