Personal Narrative: My First Foster Home

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When I was placed in the foster care system I had an ideology that getting to know people was the best way to avoid conflict and to help them and help myself. Unfortunately, this theory did not work in my first foster home for many reasons. However, when I was moved to South Central, I applied this theory and it worked. The first day I arrived to my new home I set to fix my broken drawer. I applied past knowledge to fix it. Although that was something normal for me to do, my foster parents had the relief that I would actually care about the house. Before I arrived, Milagro wanted to stop being a foster mother because she had many bad experiences. Milagro my foster mother, is able to understand my pain and solitude, because she understands what…show more content…
Furthermore, because I know humans are affected by stress, I secretly trigger conversations about things that have her stressed out, because we all need someone to lean on. My help has always been at their disposal when they need it. We recently finished building a storage and putting tile to the floor, I am always optimistic to new projects and perspectives. What I am aiming to do by being unconditional, is give them back a small piece of love, just like they have been doing over many years with people that cross their way. I have had a great impact on them, and so have they on me.They dug deep and discovered one of my fatal flaws, I told them about my past and why I hesitate to speak about myself. I must admit, I started as the therapist, but then they turned the table and sat down to listen to my growing despair. I feel proud of helping anyone that I can. With this experience I demonstrated to myself that I am persistent, that I do not take setbacks for granted, that I am amenable, that I care about people, that I am a human, that I give mutual support, and perhaps the most import one to accept
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