Personal Narrative: My First-Generation Hispanic-American

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I am a first-generation Hispanic-American. Being born and spending my childhood in south Florida made my Hispanic culture so accessible that I would think in Spanish instead of English. In my home, Spanish was the first language spoken since my father and mother are from Panama and Peru respectively, and most of my family did not speak English. I was so immersed in my family’s culture that I even learned the “Peruvian dance”-Marinera. I loved walking into my home and smelling the fresh Peruvian dish my mom was cooking. That was all about to change. In 2009, Florida was struggling with unemployment and real estate issues. We moved to a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Cranberry Township. We moved because my father’s job transferred …show more content…

My parents came from another country and made the American culture and way of life their own like other immigrants before them. Because of this I can deal in a unique way with cultural or racial challenges or tensions. My parents did not let their culture dictate who I am but let it be a part of who I would become. For that I will always be grateful. I hope that in the future the percentage of Hispanics in my community grows, but my experience of being such an extreme minority in a community close to a major, modern city gives me a truly unique perspective. I can adapt to almost any circumstance or environment. I can proudly state that I am a person who pushes through all the tough times and carries on with the goals I have set for myself. I know I am still growing and learning. I have a lot in front of me, but I’ve decided to be the kind of person who will make a positive change in the world, because I, Kiara Carrasquilla, have discovered who I am. I am a Hispanic-American woman who is determined to be the best she can possibly be, not in spite of my unique background, but because of

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