Personal Narrative: My First Georgia Southern Baseball Game

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A few weeks ago, I was finally able to make my first Georgia Southern baseball game. I am not proud that it took over a year for me to ultimately make a game. I have never been the biggest baseball fan, but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see Georgia Southern play the University of Georgia. I was very curious to see how the stadium and field looked, because I heard about the new renovations that the school added in the offseason. I also was interested to analyze how they promote their sponsors, because I will be doing the same thing when I start my internship this fall, at East Coweta High School. I had an amazing time at my first Georgia Southern game. The field and stadium looked absolutely beautiful. You could tell that the new…show more content…
The board definitely got the most eyes on it, because it always had player statistics popping up, while also providing other school and team news. The video board also provided the opportunity for sponsors to play commercials while also having continues changing ads during the game. I thought that the video board was great, because they were maximizing the potential sponsors. The video board is definitely the best draw for bringing in new smaller sponsors that don’t want to pay for the bigger spots. I did notice that the majority of Georgia Southern sponsors were local businesses and organizations. At first, I started to question to think if we should be going after bigger sponsors. I quickly realized that it made more sense for the university to go after more local sponsors, because these sponsors target markets are within Statesboro or South Georgia. I also think the more local sponsors add a more community type of feeling to the university. I really enjoyed analyzing the sponsors for Georgia Southern and how they promote at their baseball games. I think the university does a great job, but there is room for improvement. I definitely will be taking some of the things I saw here, to my internship in the fall. Marketing during sport events is extremely important for the long-term success of athletic programs. This is where people bring in the real revenue during events and through
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