Personal Narrative: My First Golf Tournament

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My cousin and I always fantasized about winning a golf tournament. We have never been in golf tournament before. Watching the pros on Television made it look very easy. My Cousin and I thought it looked so easy we decided to sign up for a two man best ball. The tournament took place on a par three in Clear Lake, Iowa. My thought it would be very easy to win since we were playing on a par 3. Pretty much every hole was under 200 yards. My cousin and I played this course many times and shot under 40 for nine holes, so we were very cocky.
We knew that we would have to practice a lot, so we played 18 holes each day before the tournament. When we signed up we only had four days to practice. When we played those holes we were shooting in the 30s so we pretty much had it in the bag. In the last two days we were getting pretty distracted with fishing. For those two days we pretty much just fished for those days. My cousin and I felt like it would not hurt us at all. My uncle told us, “You guys need to go and practice.” With our cocky attitude we said, “We don’t need practice. We are already shooting in the 30s. We will be fine.”
The night before the tournament we started to worry a little. We felt like we were a little under prepared. We knew that we should’ve practiced a little more
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One by one each group turned in a scorecard. Finally the last group came in. Watching the pro look at the scorecards made us so nervous. It took atleast five minute for him to decide the winner. The pro said, “For fourth place the Zach and Jacob. For third place Matt and Josh, for 2nd place with a tie Noah Nash, and Bobby and Robert, and Finally for first the winner is Luke and Tyler.” My cousin and I were one stroke from getting first. We were not really happy about it, but we had a great time. One thing I feel like I learned is that you gotta have more preparation for a golf tournament, because it takes a lot of
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