Personal Narrative: My First Haiti Earthquake

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Petra Nemcova once said, “We cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness.” (Brainy Quote) A natural disaster is unpredictable and will obliterate anything in its path. Families and victims go through sorrow and nuisance. I watched many emotions arise and spirits emerge when I saw the victims of the earthquake that happened in Haiti six years ago. Seeing the devastation of a natural disaster allowed me to change into a better person by helping and wanting to give back to their now extravagant community by rebuilding the kaput, wrecked roads. The first time I walked through the streets of Haiti, I could feel the sentiment in the air of heartbreak and poignant. I felt…show more content…
The scream grew louder and louder; it sounded as if it was someone was dying to get help. I ran over to the damaged building and started to uncover pieces of the rubble that surrounded the whole town. As I dug, I realized I had found someone in the debris. My heart started pounding faster and faster as a hand came out of the ruins and touched my leg. The hand had dirt all over it and felt like a rough piece of rock. I eventually moved all of the wreckage and pulled a small, teenage girl with deep brown eyes out of the remains. She recovered well and drank plenty of water since she had been dehydrated for two straight days. She thanked me and all of my people for the help and the effort of saving her life. I started to hear the scream again, but this time in all directions. People were alive and needing the help of an outsider to pull them out and resuscitate them from the rubble. As you can see, I personally was making a difference and that took an extraordinary role on me as a concerned, facilitated

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