Personal Narrative: My First IPPE

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On September 2nd, I began my first IPPE training at Walgreen located in Springfield, Ohio. On the way to the Walgreen, I was nervous because it’s not only first day of IPPE training but also first experience of working at the pharmacy. When I arrived at the store, there weren’t many customers in there. I thought there will be lots of spare time during my work hours. However, I can feel that it was totally wrong after I entered in my work area. The phones never stop to ring, many cars are waiting on the drive thru, and also printers do not stop to print out prescriptions. I had a chance to talk with my preceptor, Dr. Carson, couple minutes after I arrived there. We didn’t have many times to talk each other because pharmacy was too busy, but she was very nice and kind. I told to her that it was my first experience of working at the pharmacy, then she kindly taught me about work flow at the pharmacy. First she introduced me to other technicians and interns, then showed to me the drug counting area. After she checked out the prescription and send it to the printer. Technicians or interns picked up the prescription and brought the medications on the list. There was a scanner that I can check the prescription and medication. If it is match up the labels are printed out automatically, and if not the scanner says I get wrong medication. It is great way to double check the medication and reduce a mistake. After the counting table, Dr. Carson show me the…show more content…
I got a great impact on healthcare profession during the mission at my church and I chose the pharmacist as my goal. I want serving and healing others. During my first visit of IPPE training, I can see how other pharmacists work hard for others. I can see their smiles when patient is coming and their effort to give better medication to patient. I was so excited that I will be the part of
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