Personal Narrative: My First Ice Hockey

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One night when I was around four years old, my father requested to know what sports I wanted to play. My father was genuinely athletic. I told him that I wanted to play baseball and ice hockey. At the time I was short, but fast. I was enthusiastic to play both of the sports, although the fact that I was fast made me more excited to play baseball because I could run the bases quickly. But, that speculation changed on the night of my first ice hockey practice at the Hill School. Both of my parents were alongside me on the night of my first practice. It took around fifteen minutes to get from my home to the rink. When I first entered the building, I received a Pottstown Penguins jersey, the team I would be playing for. In the locker room, my father did most of the work of getting me dressed. When I was finished getting dressed, I exited the locker room and lingered by the boards as the Zamboni took its closing laps around the rink. Finally, it was time to go onto the ice!…show more content…
However, that sparked a change in me. I ended up getting right back up with an immense smile on my face. For the majority of the practice I was propelled around in a miniature plastic chair. At one point the coach wanted us to skate by ourselves to see how we could do. I did better than I expected. I was not joyful when the practice ended, but as I realized there that hockey would be my favorite sport. For most of the practice, I got propelled soon as I saw my father again, I told him how excited I was to play. The entire first practice altered my life
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