Personal Narrative: My First Iowa State Football

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Red and Gold

Throughout the week the anticipation builds, you can feel it in the air you breathe. Everyone is talking about the game that is coming up that weekend and predicting how the team will perform. That is what got me so excited for my first Iowa State football game.

The day of the game was perfect for football the weather was fantastic the sun was peeking through the clouds, and the air had a little nip to it. Then we got to Ames and you could see the stadium it the distance. Making our way to the stadium was horrendous with all the traffic, but when we arrived you could tell it was game day. The parking lots were filled and people gathered to the parking lot by the hundreds or even thousands as it seemed to me. Everywhere I looked there was another person that I had never seen before in my life.

The smell of food on the grill hit you hard as I approached. I could not even imagine how many grills that they had going but it was a ton. The sight of smoke from the grills was all around. The smell of hotdogs and burgers fill the air, don 't forget about the smell of beer either. Beer covers the pavement and as you try walking your shoes stick to the ground. People were
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As I walked thru to the field I could not believe how big it actually was I knew that it was big on the outside but when you walk in, and see all the people it just blows your mind. I have not seen this many people in one place in my entire life. As you look out in the crowed all you see is a sea of red and gold. The band takes the field to get the crowed ready for the game. You can feel the roar of the crowd as the team enters the field. It was amazing how you could actually feel the noise in your feet as everyone was yelling. People 's eyes were glued to the field whenever something big happened and when a bad call was made everyone wanted to make sure that their opinion was heard no matter

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