Personal Narrative: My First Jazz Concert

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What kind of music could represent New York? Could it be the Broadway musical that bloomed on the heart of Manhattan? Or could it be the Hip Hop that hid in the shadow of the Bronx? To me, Broadway was more like a pretentious extravaganza, and Hip Hop carried too much burden. The true New York was perhaps just like a Jazz, indulging in its own success.
In the November 13, I went to a Jazz concert that held in Carnegie Hall. It was my first Jazz concert ever. The concert was epic. As soon as the concert started I was utterly ravished by the opening number. The only popular symphonic orchestra in New York-- the New York Pops presented one of Billy Strayhorn's jazz classics, Take the a Train, took me traveling through big apple, down into the eastern Brooklyn, up into the northern Manhattan. The jazzy vibe, gosh, killed me softly. The reason why I chose a Jazz concert for my concert report was because I was also very fond of Jazz. I liked the feeling that Jazz provided. Sometimes it was like a piece of ice that slowly melted under my skin, or it was like a glass of wine that warmed through my body and mind. Sometimes it was like the soft air in the sunny day that came fragrantly to my brow revived my
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Unlike classical music, in which string instruments always plays the major role, the instruments of jazz music are more equally diverse. In the ensemble I felt that the brass instruments and the drum set totally led the entire performance. The drum was definitely the soul of the Jazz to which every other instrument had to go with and obey. Without the drum, Jazz would lose its rhythm—as well as its spirit. Other instruments such as piano, guitar, and double bass all of which were rarely used as the major tones during the classical music ensemble, but in the jazz ensemble they were all played
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