Personal Narrative: My First Month At NDSU

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Before I came to NDSU, I had many expectations for what college was going to be like. Many of my expectations were correct while others have not been as correct. My first month at NDSU has been filled with many new and interesting experiences for me. Throughout this first month, I have had the opportunity to meet many new people, attend classes, and have plenty of free time. Each of these opportunities has consisted of both good and bad experiences; however, I have been able to learn and grow from all of these experiences. I have had the opportunity to meet countless new people over this past month. I had anticipated this opportunity, but I did not realize how important it was going to be for me. Before I came to NDSU, I was an extremely shy individual, but I have recently become more outgoing. I never expected to come to college and suddenly be a highly social individual. This change in my personality has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people. I have enjoyed talking to people and learning about their lives. I have developed many new friendships, and I hope to continue this process in the future. Meeting new…show more content…
Classes in college have been a slight change from classes in high school, which I had expected. The one thing I did not expect was how independent I was going to have to be in my classes. In high school, teachers were extremely helpful in telling you what you needed to do to succeed. I have learned that in college I am going to have to decide what I need to do to succeed. Over the past month, I have slowly been figuring out what I am going to need to do to succeed in each individual class. Another important lesson I have learned is how to stay organized. I am an extremely organized person, but I have had to make adjustments to stay better organized in my classes. My classes over the past month have slowly been teaching me what skills I am going to need to succeed in
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