Personal Narrative: My First Music Concert

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The first concert I choose to attend was the UMKC ensemble series. It featured the wind ensemble and the wind symphony. The first song that Joseph Parisi, conductor, started with was “The Duke of Marlborough Fanfare” by Percy Grainger starts of very slow and deep with the melody being played by the woodwinds. The melody also sounds very prideful as if it is part of a end of a war and they feel proud at what they accomplished.This piece was well played and I enjoyed listening to it. The second piece was “The Gum-Suckers March” from In a Nutshell by Percy Grainger. The first movement "Jig  starts off with a royal fanfare with the trumpets playing the melody very accented, marcatto and fortissimo. The second movement "Air  is played allegro…show more content…
The song “Mrs. McGrath” had a marching feeling with a catchy beat. The rhythm was fast, but at times it would slow down. The next song was “All the Pretty Little Horses” which had a slow beat. It had a sad feeling, but it also had a caring feeling. The dynamics was also in mezzo piano and a short rhythm. The third song was “Yerakina” which had a cheerful vibe. The dynamics was in mezzo piano and the tempo in andante. The tone colors of this piece were pingy and echoey. The fourth song “El burro” had a smooth short rhythm. The song was played in andante and mezzo piano. This song also had sadness, tension, and sounded cold or even threatening. The last song “A Fiddler” began with a joyful and funny vibe, but then it switched to a tense state. It was played in mezzo forte with short and long rhythms. The next conductor, Steven D. Davis, of the Conservatory Wind Symphony started off with “In Paradisum” by Rob Deemer. I realized that the star of this performance was the saxophone. The saxophone had a smooth and light feeling. The orchestra followed the saxophone in an imitative way. The dynamics were in mezzo forte and the tempo was in adagio. The tone colors of this piece were echoey, vibrant, warm, and pingy. This piece had long smooth notes for the

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