Personal Narrative: My First Nolensville High School

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It was a bright, pleasant friday September 2nd in Nolensville,Tennessee. I was getting ready for the school day in my room by dressing in all black for the special day. Today was a very momentous day for the excited school, students, and teachers as it was the first ever homecoming parade for the new school Nolensville High. The theme of the homecoming was black-out, in which you are supposed to wear all black. After I got ready for the day, I got my backpack and left my house at around 6:30 to get to my bus stop. The bus stop was a far, uphill distance from my house, so I looked over my schedule in my pocket while walking there. The only part of the school that was normal that day was the same time as usual, all of the classes were for ten minutes and ended at around 9:30. Then, there would be the Homecoming Parade with all of the floats and people on them until 11:00, next,…show more content…
The start of the parade is around a mile away from where my friends and I were at. After twenty minutes of waiting and hearing distant sounds of the parade, we now saw the first car that said Welcome to the Nolensville Homecoming Parade! The first floats to come by where all of the fall sports teams with Football being the biggest one. Next where the freshmen and the sophomore float with the freshmen float being the better one with more design and time put into it. Lastly, were the all of the Nolensville government officials and Nolensville department of emergency responders that led it the parade out with loud horns that made everyone get loud. After the parade was over, I had realized that this was bigger than just the Homecoming parade or even the Homecoming day. I realized that this was the day the town had been waiting for a long time and it was obvious in seeing the crowd. I will always remember the parade as one of my best high school memories when looking back on the

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