Personal Narrative: My First Official Coding Class

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As the oldest, I already have to set the example for my sister. But, there are times when I have to set the example for others as well. In elementary school, we would have "computer class" and "library" where we would have to complete projects, like making a presentation or learning how to cite your sources. At home, I was usually the one who had to learn how to work the computers in the house to help my parents and little sister. Because of that, it was always kind of easy for me at school when we had to make projects. Over time, I learned many shortcuts to complete my work quickly in order to help others. I would often help my friends out when during research, whether it was properly formatting the paper or finding the right program to use. Sometimes I had…show more content…
I had my first official coding class last year, and I learned more than i thought i ever would. I was fortunate enough to have some friends as classmates, and be able to talk to them about the projects we had to complete. Being a freshman who has had no prior experience to coding, in a class full of people who have at least an idea of what methods, parameters, and booleans were made me feel inadequate. I tried my best to pretend like I was doing fine in the class, and that it was really easy, I was just taking my time to work on other things. But in reality, I struggled a lot. When we were working with alice at the beginning of the semester, I had some difficulty working with the commands and creating methods. But that was nothing until we started to use Dr. Java to actually write code. When I look back, there were more times that I asked for someone 's help than trying to figure it out completely on my own. But, asking for help is something a leader has to do. Towards the end of freshman year, I convinced my best friend to take CS1 as her elective and encouraged her to try something new. I also encouraged my sister to try to learn more about
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