Personal Narrative: My First Oklahoma Virus

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Things used to be different. I used to go to school, laugh uncontrollably at lunch with all of my goofy friends and hoped that I would have time to spend with my boyfriend during the weekend. I used a name that my mom and dad gave me. The only thing I had to worry about was getting good grades… but now I worry for my family. I worry about how we can survive for another week. I worry about how the hell I am going to keep the King from knowing where we are and how we are going to survive. Hell, I worry about when I am going to be able to take a nice warm bath or even have warm water!
The disease started it all. I lived in a small town so we never got an outbreak because almost everyone in the town was… special, even if they didn’t know it. We knew something was going to happen and everyone prepared for the worst. Hey, when you are a true
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So naturally once the disease had you for a week you wanted anything that would satisfy you… and there was plenty humans. The virus stayed with you for five months in that state and then you just… burnt out and died.
After one year of this insanity the world was hopeless about finding a cure, all the resources went to protecting the last of the people and the orphans. Schools were built to house the overwhelming amount of orphans. My friends and I was supposed to go to them but we stayed at my house instead. There were too many reports of the orphan schools being overrun by the undead. That and we knew that those houses weren’t going to be a safe place for long.
Then a “miracle” came. A man found the vaccination. It meant the end of the “Dark Times.” The only thing he wanted was to be the ruler of the nonexistent United States and Canada. Everyone gladly agreed and the vaccine was sent to all the schools and hospitals. Once everyone had the vaccination and the man became a king, the king, things changed for the
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