Personal Narrative: My First Roller Coaster Car

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I’ve always loved roller coasters. I love the feeling of the air rushing through my thick hair, and the way my stomach drops to my toes after the coaster car is plunged down a steep slope. But my favorite roller coasters are the kinds that leave an impression; the kinds that throw you for a loop (literally) and leave you wanting more. That is why I will never forget my first roller coaster at Walt Disney World. It was a hot and humid day in Orlando, Florida, despite it being about mid-November. My family and I made our way eagerly through Animal Kingdom. I ran through the park, observing my surroundings and taking them in as quickly as possible. All around me were Disney character mascots from movies like The Lion King and Finding Nemo. I rode many…show more content…
A few seconds later the coaster car tipped the screaming strangers down a tall hill before tossing them back up another. Already I was interested. I begged my younger sister Savannah to ride it with me, as well as my mom. As we stood in line my heart beat fast and my stomach flipped around like an excited puppy. Soon I was boarding the car, excited and nervous at the same time. The coaster operators strapped me in, buckled me down, and stood back counting down from three. The car jerked forward and we were off. The car went slowly around a bend in the track, then without warning we were pulled down a small hill. Small shrieks escaped the mouths of young passengers as our expedition became much faster. A few seconds later we were being tugged up an enormous mountain. I looked around me and noticed the mountain caps were covered in fake snow, surrounded my jagged edges of cliff. The incline took us into a dark cave in the mountain and suddenly the air felt much cooler. Once again the coaster car picked up speed, throwing us around bends and over humps. My hair smacked my face as I screamed in excitement. Then suddenly we
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