Personal Narrative: My First Rollercoaster

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One of my favorite memories was my first big rollercoaster. Only eleven years old I was ready for my first big rollercoasters. I was taken to Six Flags by my parents. [Passive Voice} Loving the heights and the thrill they possessed, I was anything but scared. [Present Participial Modifier, beginning] Once we arrived I was ready to go, waiting in the forever ending line was torturous for my adolescent self. [Present Participial Modifier, end] We finally step foot in the inside of the giant entry gates and decided to pick a rollercoaster. We choose the rollercoaster with the name Mind Bender. This decision was made by the whole family.[Passive Voice] I remember it being tall, twisty, and green, suddenly the nerves kicked in. Still wanting to ride, I was a little more hesitant. I grabbed my moms hand any squeezed with excitement. Waiting in this line made me even more anxious. Waiting here made me reflect on the thrilling adventures I had been on at this time. Zip lining in Mexico, the Free Fall attraction at the beach, all the rides in Disney World, all had prepared me for this moment. So I thought.…show more content…
We all made it to the platform and sat in our seats, strapped in and ready to go. [Past Participial Modifier end] With both my both my parents on the out side seats and my sister and I in the middle, I felt pretty safe. The rollercoaster made a jolt motion and we were off. Climbing up the first hill I could feel my stomach turning with anticipation, nervousness, and excitement. Reaching the top at once, the cart paused, then rushing down the descending iron tracks quicker than ever before. [Past Participial Modifier Middle] I extended my arms high in the air screaming with enthusiasm. I looked at my mom and she had a big smile on her face. Then came the first
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