Personal Narrative: My First Soccer Game

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It was a cold brittle day on January 10,2014 at 2:00 p.m in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. My teammates and I and I were warming up for our soccer game.Our team name was called“Rapids and we have three wins, one tie, and four losses. All of a sudden, the referees called us to the sideline to check on our equipment. I was nervous and my heart felt like it was beating a thousand beats per seconds. Our coach told the lineup after the referee checked our equipment. It was eighty-nine minute and my current position was midfield. The score was zero to zero. One of the forwards shot the ball as fast as a bullet. “Donk!” It hit the ball and suddenly the ball came flying towards me like a missile. I somehow managed to control the soccer and sprinted to the goal. There was one defender left. I dribbled the ball with the outside of my foot and I got passed the defender. A rush of cold brittle air accelerated to my nose. I toe poked the ball just past the goalkeeper as my body made aggressive contact with the itchy sharp grass. I saw the soccer delicately touch the corner of the net. The crowed roared with cheers as I scored. The score was one to zero as the final whistle blew. …show more content…

Everyone was cheering and chanting my name. Nowadays, I play soccer almost every second of the day. I have a mini soccer ball that I kick around with. I was taught how to play amazing in soccer, and it gave me a career. These days, I play in a seventh grade select soccer called Fc Dallas, and I am only in 6th grade. I think about my career and how to greatly improve in soccer. That is my plan for

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