Personal Narrative: My First Space City Comic Con

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My first Space City Comic Con was three years ago, back in 2013. I had a great time spending the day checking out all their was to see, as well as meeting the majority of the special guests that they had appearing that year. Two years later (2015) and I was back at it again. Instead of one day, I spent the entire weekend there. Reason being so I could cover the event for the classic rock station I write for. Was quite a task.

My main focus being a writer for a Internet 24/ 7 classic rock radio station, was on the live music Space City Comic Con 2015 had to offer. One guest in particular, Tim Russ. Most know the name from the television show; Star Trek: Voyager. Besides his acting, Tim is really a very talented musician. I had the pleasure of interviewing him before the convention about a new CD (Lifeline) He had out. Soon after I reviewed the new release, and then at Space City Comic Con 2015, the live musical performance he put on. In my opinion, could not have come out any better. The responce from all the pieces I wrote, not only on Mr. Russ but on my experiences at the convention alone, amazed me. For myself, it was a really cool writing experience. I thank all who made it possible, and to everyone
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Things have a funny way of changing over the course of one year. For this Space City Comic Con, instead of driving in, and going home at the end of that days events, I would have to fly in, rent a car, and crash at a nearby hotel. One word explains it all; divorce. A lesson to pass on; don 't take anything in life for granted. As it pertains to this, the special guests you have interest in seeing this year, could have other obligations next year. The items you might be interested in obtaining, this very next Space City Comic Con, purchased by someone else. Catch my drift? Believe me, this years Space City Comic Con, will be unique in it 's own way, and the only way you will have the oppentunity to experience it, is to be
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