Personal Narrative: My First Time Snowboarding

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My First Time Snowboarding If you have ever seen the snowboarding part of the X-Games or the U.S Olympic Snowboarding team, you know how good they are. But their first time snowboarding wasn’t as bad as mine. I was in the sixth grade when I first started snowboarding. The middle school I went to had a ski and snowboard club that went to a nearby ski hill every Friday. And on that Friday was my first time. When school ended at 2:31, all members were to go to the cafeteria to get ready. I started by putting on my snowpants, then boots, and then my wrist guards(glove-like things that protect a snowboarders wrists when they fall.)Finally I put on my gloves and coat. About five minutes later, the bus arrived and I got on. The bus ride was extremely boring because none of my friends were in ski club. There were a couple sixth graders that I would soon become friends with later on in the year that were on the bus. But…show more content…
I walked over to the starter hill, feeling the icy, cold wind. The first hill I ever snowboarded on was the conveyor belt hill. This hill had a conveyor belt that you stood on to take you to the top. And once I was there, I sat down to put on my bindings(the harnesses that keep you strapped into your snowboard.) I did some weird swivel movement to stand up. And as soon as I stood up, I started moving, faster and faster. “Oh No.” I whispered to myself. I was going too fast. I knew this because I fell, and I fell the rest of the way down the hill. But then, Alex Fremd a sixth grader from my school offered to teach me. It was great. He taught me how to balance so I wouldn't fall, how to stop, and how to stay standing, and after about 20 minutes, I was snowboarding the right way. I fell a couple of times, here and there, but I was able to make it down the hill without falling. Alex moved on to other hills, but I stayed back with some sixth graders that I had no idea were in ski
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