Personal Narrative: My First Time To Stay In El Salvador

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Getting off the plane and being blasted by the hot, humid air was only the beginning of my long two week stay in El Salvador. It was only my second time going to El Salvador but it had really changed compared to the last time I went, but for my mom it was her first time back in 20 years and it was a sight to see when my mom and my grandma got reunited. From there, my little brother went with his dad's side of the family and the rest of us went with my mom's side. It was a 2 hour drive from the airport to my grandmas and it was around 2am, the usually crowded streets and markets were empty and the heat just as unbearable. My grandma lives in a small fishing village. When we got to my grandma’s we tried to go to sleep but couldn't so we just…show more content…
They even had people going around with machetes and torches patrolling the streets when news of gang violence erupted. What scared me the most was that i had started getting used to that way of living. I wanted to leave. I wanted to go home. But I wanted my mom to enjoy her time there, to enjoy the feeling of nostalgia. So I had to overcome the thought of being killed there and just enjoy my time there. I ended up enjoying my time there after overcoming my fear and had the best time i could with my family. It wasn't till we got home that i found out my mom was just as scared as i was and maybe even more. It was then that i knew i had to make a change to help my family. I wanted to help them get out of that kind of living. But that is something that i can't do right now. It pains me to know that i can't right knowing my grandma has limited time right now. But sometime in the future( when i have a stable source of income) i will do my utmost best to support and maybe even get the a citizenship here, but who knows life is a peculiar thing. Stuff may work out but others may not its up to me to decide what i do and when i will do
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