Personal Narrative: My First Trailer

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Today was the day, the last day of practice, before I had my first hunter jumper show. My I just realized that I was going to have to wash all my equestrian pants. I only had one pair clean and they were my black show pants. I had a brand new shirt for the show. When I got out of the shower I put on my pants I wore yesterday but it was only a two hour practice. I started freaking out when I couldn’t find my shoes. Like I just had them yesterday how could they have been gone. When i finally found them it was already passed the time we were supposed to leave, and my horse was not even brushed out. He needed to be brushed out or my mother would be mad. When all that stuff was done. My horse was freaking about not wanting to go on the trailer.…show more content…
When I went down stairs all I could smell was light fluffy yellow lactose Intolerant belgium waffles. After the delicious waffles I went out in the warm, but yet frosty damp morning air. The beautiful birds were chirping. I got the brush to brush my beautifully brown horse. He was so warm, fluffy, and soothing. His attitude was never this beautiful. I then put his trailer blanket on him and loaded him up. “ Hearlie, Forest loaded easy today.” My mother said starting the truck “ I know, I was surprised we didn’t have the everyday hassle.” I said while I buckled myself in. When we got to the show. There were people everywhere in this tiny place. I also could not find Dove so I started worrying, because I don’t know where stuff is exactly. My mom was going to text Dove, but then she left her phone at home. “Great now what are we going to do?” I stated starting to worry. “We will be fine, Hearlie. I just seen Dove right over there in the barn.” My mom said very calmly.
Then I unloaded forest. I brushed him it was the longest slowest brush stroke I’ve ever done. I braided his fine coarse beautiful maine and tail with a little sparkle in it. After I finish up the announcer starts calling names. When it got to my turn the announcer said my name so clearly and cleanly.
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The crowd was talking to each other. The air was fresh and clean. I went threw all the corse till I got to the jump I failed at yesterday. My throat started to feel scratchy. Everyone was looking. Judging, judging me. The air started to feel tight and strong. I started speeding forest up after every step. I got up to my two point. Slowly still speeding him up after every step. When we got to the jump the world stopped. People were not talking anymore. The air was there but still tight but loosing up. I went up in the air and stood there for a very long time. We landed and the air felt good again. The crowd was cheering not talking. The loose beautiful air smelt like flowers. I slowly walked back to the gates to figure out what the judges give my coarse. When I got to the gate the air became tight again. The flower smell wasn’t there anymore. It was more of a sweaty nervous smell. The crowd were staring me down. The three judges took their boards out and started to figure out my score. It felt like it took them 20 years. My heart was racing. Then one judge put up ten out of ten up. The air became loser. Then the next held a ten out of ten too. The air was finally there again and I could breathe. Then the last one held up a number that took me a little to recognize it. Then the crowd started cheering. My face started hurting from my smile being so huge. My heart felt happy. Everything was so happily tingling in my
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