Personal Narrative: My First Week With Tucci

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Tucci Week One

This week was my first week with Tucci. We worked on walking up the stairs, which she has almost mastered. I lured her up each step with kibble and encouraging words. Doug visited and taught me how to train her to sit, lie down, and stand. With a simple dog bone, I am able to go through each posture. I need to continue more with that in the following week. Tucci is also not house broken, so I have been taking her out many times throughout the day. She does not know what “busy” means yet (to go to the bathroom), but I have seen a slight improvement in her bowel control. She got a vaccine at the vet, but she still isn’t allowed to spend time with other dogs. Tucci is very high energy, and she wakes up between five and six every morning. She also likes to bite and chew. She has been to two restaurants. One she acted very well, and the other not so much. My friend and I took her to the movies, and she slept through the entire film.

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She is confident with her sits and downs, goes to the bathroom much less frequently in the house, and chews on her toys more than carpets. She is able to hold her pee in overnight now. We haven 't had an accident in the crate in days. Her walks have also improved; she stops much less than she used to. We still haven 't started the official classes, but she is still learning and improving a lot. She still is a nibbler, and she 'll chew on anything (hands, hair, carpet, furniture, etc.). I 'm having trouble with her going to the bathroom on walks, but I will ask my trainer how to solve that.

Tucci Week Four

The first month of having Tucci has been a little rocky, but I believe that she has made tremendous progress. She is confident walking down the stars. Tucci finally understands the command “stand.” Our first training class is on Saturday. She hates being told “no,” just like a child. When other people try and command her, she rarely listens to

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