Personal Narrative: My First Year At Ramapo College

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I was sitting in the bleachers at Ramapo College in the gymnasium at a camp graduation about to fall asleep, when the Mayor of Mahwah called out my name. I had no idea what was going on, I stood up confused, walked slowly down the bleachers over to the Mayor, and shook his hand as he handed me a plaque. I stood next to one of the Sargent 's of Mahwah Police Department and the Mayor looking at my new award. It read, “Colonel Elliot E. Coley Leadership Award.” I remember thinking it must have been a mistake. After the ceremony, one of the camp counselors told me the reason why I received the award. It was my first year at the Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), which is run by the Mahwah Police Department. Throughout the week, the campers…show more content…
She sat with us for three meals a day. She even hung out with us in our rooms during the free time we got between activities and before bed. Little did I know that someone saw me stand up to sit with her on the first day. After graduation was over, I walked down the bleachers to go to my parents when I felt three taps on my shoulder. I turned around to see one of the camp counselors who told me why I was acknowledged for this award.
“You stood up,” she said. Apparently, she told me that she saw me sit with the girl who was sitting alone and she thought I was very considerate for sacrificing my friends to sit with someone who was sitting alone.
I attended the summer camp for the next four years and Sophia was always there too. She’s four years older than I am, so when she was done with her final year, she still came back to be a counselor. Our friendship has grown in a way that none of my other friendships have grown before. From sitting with the stranger at lunch, I have learned what it means to be a leader. If I had not stood up, none of my friends would have either and she probably would have spent the rest of the camp sitting alone during meals and in her room. I will continue to always be the one to stand
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