Personal Narrative: My Four Jobs In The Real World

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I have learned many of the values, qualities, and struggles of the real world. Even though am eighteen years old, for the past two years I have had four jobs. Each of those jobs have taught me the qualities it takes to live in the real world, but I believe my personality is one of my greatness trait. I am a person who is sociable, friendly, and trustworthy. And the jobs I have had have only improved my personal traits, in every way. And traits keep on improving the more I socialize with people in school, public, and work area. I believe a person should always work, because they can experience what the real world is like. This is the mindset I had going to work. in all the types of jobs I had. This is what helped me and can help others in the same way.…show more content…
Last year I worked at my local gym. There I had responsibilities, to come to work on time, clean equipment, and take out the trash. This was all expect of me, nobody would explain this to me it my responsibility. A sociable person is something else employers are looking for. My jobs in the Indio street fair and Jewish hotel, have taught me how to socialize with people or talk to a group of people. In the street fair I had to learn how to attract people, to came and play my basketball game. And convince them my game is fun and worth spending money on. This is where i learned socializing is my greatest asset. After this job it was easy to speak in front of a class, because i had the experience. And not many people can say the

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