Personal Narrative: My Freshman Year At Stephen F. Austin State University

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Entering college my freshman year at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, I was not prepared to be a college student. Being a first generation college student from a low income household, I lacked leadership, guidance, and discipline entering college. Entering my first year as an undergraduate, my primary focus was to play college basketball. Having priorities in the incorrect order led to a final undergraduate grade point average of under a 3.0. I understand that 2.75 is the required grade point average to be accepted in California State University, Dominguez Hills Graduate Program. However, since matured as a student, I thrive to exceed above average expectations. As a college freshman, my first semester as grade point average was a .7. With a grade point average that low, becoming a college student seemed to be an overwhelming experience. However, instead of giving up and accepting defeat in college, I regained my focus and by the end of the first year removed…show more content…
I am applying to California State University, Dominguez Hills Single Subjuct Internship Program because I want to help build leaders for the next generation in areas that lack effective instructors. Through education and athletics, student-athletes become aware of a healthy lifestyle, successful leaders, and contributing citizens in today’s society. My experience also includes teaching physical education in a nonpublic school that specializes in special education and at-risk youth. My duties as a physical education instructor includes creating and implementing daily lesson plans based on the student 's individual education plan, which promote the improvement of physical, cognitive, and collaborative skills, as well as emotional and personal betterment to a wide range of diverse learners. Obtaining a teacher credential will provide me the training to distribute the knowledge I acquired regarding physical education as a learner, so I can be an effective instructor for
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