Personal Narrative: My Freshman Year Of High School

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During my freshman year of high school I struggled in many areas of my life including personal, social, and academic. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, struggling with my self-esteem, and fighting to keep my grades above c 's. Since then I have grown, learned from my experiences and it can all be seen through my transcripts and the friend group I now surround myself with. I came into high school with a boyfriend who I had dated on and off throughout middle school. He was the kind of boy who did not understand the concept of how to treat people, and being so young I did not fully understand the way he was treating me. My parents were not his biggest fans because I often came home upset because of the things he said to me, and the way he treated me. He was manipulating and often told me that I could not do certain things, like telling me I am not smart, and that I am not as fun or pretty as one of my best friends. From this it made hanging out with my girl friends harder because he made it seem like I should be threatened by them. He made me doubt my self worth which in turn made everything else in my life a lot harder, including school. Once my parents noticed the downfall of my grades, friend group, and overall happiness they took me to a counselor to talk about what was…show more content…
Also, at this time I had not yet been diagnosed with ADHD. Both of these things combined made my freshman year worse than it should have been. As you can see from my transcript my grades increased exponentially from my freshman year to my sophomore year and so on. This was a result of moving on and learning that I am very bright, and also being put on mild medication to help me focus in class. Since I have been put on Concerta, an ADHD medication I have made a lot better grades and school has become a lot easier for me. I have gained a lot more respect for myself, and no longer view myself as
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