Personal Narrative: My Girard Soccer Career

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The last four years of my high school career have flew by, especially my Girard soccer career. Many memories were made throughout my career from making playoffs my sophomore year to playing my last soccer game on senior night. The endeavor of striving to make playoffs for the first time since the 90’s. I knew after playing my very last soccer game, that I contributed to something that was outstanding for this program. That’s something that I will remember for the rest of my life. Being apart of the Girard soccer team is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was more than just playing soccer, this lead to friendships and sort of a second family. I still keep in touch and still friends with most of my old teammates who have graduated. I’m friends with certain people, who I thought I would never be friends with. These friendships would not have occurred with the help from being on the team. If there is one thing in life that soccer had taught me was nothing in life is fair. Nothing in the “real world” will be handed to you (unless you are GM and like to cheat your way around things). If you want win against a team, you to have go out there and work for that win. The coaches cannot go out there and…show more content…
For one, I became a better listener and I had to become leader along with the other seniors because of the inexperience we had this year. When I was a freshmen, I looked up to the old guys and wanted to be as good as they were. Thus I became sort of a “role model” for the younger kids on the team. Although I did not look at myself as a role model because I never really thought as myself becoming a person/player my teammates would look up to. You think to yourself that, “I could not be that player, person, or teammate someone wanted to be.” But quite frankly, I was that “player” some of my teammates wanted to be. That drove me to become a better player and mature as a
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