Personal Narrative: My Goals At Washburn University

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Getting involved means being apart of something more, having the chance to met different people, helping out the community, but its also means learning more about who you are as a person. Starting off at Washburn University I plan to get involved right away, in activities or clubs that would help my academically and socially like the Hispanic club , Freethinkers and French club.I will set goals for myself and achieve them, some small some big. One goal I am pursuing right now is learning french and Portuguese, i plan on going to Brazil next year. School goals, are turning in my work on time, stay focused on any task that is given to me, making sure I understand what i need to do and how to do it. I know that other people will have more experience than me in certain aspects but everyone at washburn is there to succeed. The way i accomplish goals are different for me, once i start to self doubt and realize i might not achieve it, i take in mind all the alternatives to still have a chance.One alternative is seeing the “why not 's”.Finding them is easy , but actually solving the problem is where it gets difficult but not impossible.If and only if i find a “why not” that i cannot solve then i …show more content…

Starting the success program, I met great people who are going to take every step with us making sure we do our best.To be apart of the program, means i have done something good to deserve this opportunity , it also gives me a head start. Learning what it would be like to be a college student is a very big step, but not only does it keep my mind at ease knowing that everyone is there to help, it also means growing up and finding out what it is I want to do at Washburn

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