Personal Narrative: My Goals In College

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My biggest goal in college Earl Nightingale argues, ”Your problem is to bridge the gap between where you are now and the goal you intended to reach”. I believe college education is something to be endured in order to become qualified to obtain certain kinds of jobs. After finishing a bachelor degree in computer science, I become a data engineer. My job requires me to have a strong background in programming and statistic which I learned in the classes. And the habits I built at the university such as self-teaching, critical thinking and the ability to collecting and processing information help me a lot during my work. However, in reflecting upon my experiences as a graduate, there were several obstacles I had to overcome. It often seems confusing about the differences between walking out your comfort zone and doing something you don’t like. When I first came to Stony Brook, this problem became more important as I chose the major I didn’t like at first time. My major was computer science. As most people said having a major in computer science is the easiest way to find a job. And most told me that computer science major is a hard one. Before I came to college, I had exactly no experience in coding and I nearly had no interest in programming. Compared to…show more content…
I always reviewed the contents before I came to classes and also finished my assignment as soon as possible. Beside this, I planed my study goals and made schedules of study. I reviewed my notes, homework and textbooks every weekend and every mouth. In addition, I didn’t limit my view on the materials provide by my professor. I’d like to read 3 or 4 textbooks at the same time and watched open courses online to get other people’s perspective on the same knowledge. I joined a study group. We met each other every day in the library and sometimes we discussed problems together. In this process, I got a lot of lifelong
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