Personal Narrative: My Golf Experience

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In the spring of 2005 I was 5 years old. My dad was explaining to me that we were going to go golf with some of his friends. I didn't want to go but he said I had to meet some his friends because they wanted to meet me so I went. When we got to his friend's house. I was kind of nervous because I have never meet these people. When I meet them I wasn't nervous anymore.
When we got to his friend's house we waited for one of his other friends. When his other friend got there we went to lunch. After we ate we started heading to the golf course. When we got to the golf course we waited for a little bit. After we started golfing it was fun at first.
When I started to get bored I would walk off my dad would get mad. After I would get yelled at for walking off I would come back. After I would come back I would think of something else but everything that I thought of got me in trouble. After I got yelled at for the last time I started to get mad. When we got to the next hole we stop they started hitting their golf balls I got mad so I got in the driver's seat of the golf
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He started to get mad then he realized that we had to get the golf off the tree before anyone seen. When we got the golf cart off the tree we checked to see if there was any damages to the golf cart. After we checked if there was any damages we got in the golf cart and they continued to golf. While I was in the golf cart my dad said to me we don't need to tell anyone that you wrecked the golf cart.
One important lesson from this essay is that it's not a good idea to steal a golf cart when you are 5. Also never to steal anything from anybody that doesn't not belong to you even if you are mad. When you are mad at your parents make sure to always listen to your parents. If you ever decide to steal anything just remember it is not a good idea to steal it. Make sure that you always listen to your parents so you don't crash a golf
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