Personal Narrative: My Grand Paw Field

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One day I with my grand paw working at the barn or in the cow field “this was really everyday”. But on this particular day we really didn’t have anything to do. Little did I know that this day would become a day that I could never possibly forget. I know now that I never will. So since we had nothing to do we figured it would be a great day to go fishing. It was a really warm morning, the wind wasn’t blowing and the sun was shining. After we ate breakfast we got our things ready and started making our way to the pond. It was probably around 10:00 so we were in a rush to get down there and catch some fish before it was too late. So we started making our way to the pond following the cow path (by the way a cow path is where herds follow each other while moving from field to field, this soon creates a dirt path through the field , this soon creates a dirt path through the field). So anyway, there is a spot where the cow path splits off and one path goes to the other field while the other goes to the pond. So of course we followed the path that goes to the pond. Now we all know that the ground around a pond is moist or muddy. Well, we just turned the cows too so once they’ve walk though there it only got muddier. Once we got to a certain part…show more content…
We made our way to the bank and both sat down to just take everything in and about that time my uncle drove up and brought us to the house. We were soaked in thick and muddy pond water, and my grand maw made us change before we got to relax. Once my mom got home and found out about everything she panicked. Of course, when my mom was finished freaking out she called and wanted to put what had happened in the paper. She asked me if I wanted to put it on the radio and I replied “I really don’t care if you do or don’t. But she insisted and it was in every new paper and radio station from here to Jackson,

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