Personal Narrative: My Grandfather In The Confederate Army

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I live out in the deep woods where the other soldiers can’t find my Grandmother or myself. My family is in great danger because the Union is attacking us. My Grandfather is in the Confederate Army. My Grandmother and I are trying to survive without my Grandfather. We have to sleep on the ground because we have no beds. We have a hard time finding food. I want to fight for my country but with little food and not enough people I think we will die. We have been fighting for 2 days and almost half of the soldiers are dead.
After fighting for two days I went to the church and asked if anyone wanted to help us out in the Civil War. Only 15 guys said they would help us and we were saved. The things I see around me is blowing leaves. I have been
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When I try new food it taste unpleasant. I’m staying healthy but my Grandmother was catching a cold. I told her to wrap up in some blankets to keep her warm. I also told her to rest a lot and drink lots of water. Me and my Grandmother live in a log cabin we have a little fire inside in our living room. Now my Grandmother is feeling better.
The blankets we us when we sleep on the ground are scratchy. I see some horses out in the woods eating grass. When I go to bed I hear owls hooting and wolves howling. It keeps me awake at night. Sometimes when I’m inside my cabin it smells like fresh bread. My grandmother makes the best bread in the world.
My Grandfather fights for our country in the south. I’m from Virginia. I moved from Virginia to South Carolina. The Confederate believed they could own people and treat them like slaves. My Grandfather and Grandmother believed in the Confederacy. My Grandparents were slave owners. My Grandparents beat them if they didn’t build things for them. I don’t believe slavery is right. I believe that all people are free and have there own rights, and their own believes. This has caused many differences between my Grandparents and myself. I still love my Grandparents even though they believe differently. When I lived in Virginia it was boring and there was nothing to do but sit on your porch and drink
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