Personal Narrative: My Grandma Grape

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Here we are, out in the middle of nowhere, just flying around. None of us know how we got here or what we are doing, maybe we are trying to fly to heaven, maybe we just want to have some fun. We could be dreaming, we could be dying, or we could just be imagining. It’s just my brother Christian, my cousins David, Dakota, and Skyla, and of course me. Oh and the pilot is my Grandma Grape’s. Were just sitting around wondering how we got here and what we are doing. “Were turning around you guys, so hold on tight,” said Grandma Grape’s. “Wait, turn around, where are we going in the first place.” We all screamed back. As were turning around all I could see was my life flash before my eyes. I thought I was dead at that moment. But then I realized I was still breathing. I wasn’t dead, but somebody else was. It was hard to…show more content…
Next thing I know we crashed somewhere we didn’t want to be. Not right now. Not tomorrow. Not in a week. Not even in a thousand years. Even our parents would say the same thing if they were with us right now. I don’t even think our grandparents would want to be here either. “Why did we have to land here?” Dakota asked. ”We could of landed anywhere else but here and then I would be fine. I hate this place, I hate these people, I hate this yard, I hate everything about where we are!” I screamed. We are at our great, great grandparents’ house. But they didn’t live here, they passed away a while ago. There friends child lived here with his wife. They hated anybody they seen and always made everyone feel guilty for stuff they didn’t do. They only treated themselves right. But when they saw the plane in there yard they threw a fit. Screaming at us but all that came out of their mouth was “You guys are the worst people ever. You ruined my life. You made my parents best friends die. You always treated us like crap so now you are in our yard we get to treat you like crap. Pay back sucks but you deserve

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