Personal Narrative: My Grandpa Beto's Life

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My grandpa Beto, or Papanino as I used to call him, has profoundly affected my life by the remarkable way to overcome his trials in life with an immense smile that light up an entire world. My Papanino started to support his mother and siblings, working in the farms at early age, despite the fact that he was not able to finished his education and did not learn how to write or read well. However, he always believed that education was the golden key to a brighter future, although, unable to finish his schooling, he was filled of knowledge and knew the answer to every question. Nothing could compare the peace and serenity I felt when my Papanino dedicated his life to our family, creating security through his hard work, and bringing us closer to God by his spiritual dedication.
In the course of his life my grandpa Beto taught a valuable lesson of hard work to everyone around him. He gave an inspiration to move forward no matter the hardships, like the saying that is commonly used today, that he used to say frequently “if life throws you lemons, make lemonade”. For instance, he had a difficult childhood but, not once did our family see my Grandpa angry, or disappointed, instead he always managed to find the positive things in every situation, an example is when his car broke down, he said, “thanks to God I have
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For instance my pa’ Beto, always thanks to God for the hardships in his life because, he said that through them he was closer to heaven. As well the good times he called a gift from the above. My grandpa was always there to help the less fortunate, this was a way for him to showed that every human is valuable and worth of living, my grandpa, always tried to find the goodness in all people, because we are all represent Jesus Christ on
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