Personal Narrative: My Grandpa Marvin

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If I had to pick one hard time in my life I 'd say it would be when my grandpa Marvin was in the hospital. He 's the kind of man that likes to do stuff himself rather then have people do it for him. So the hospital life was not for him, especially when you can 't do anything and the nurses have to help with everything. It all started when Grandpa had fallen down and injured his leg. He had trouble walking and his leg just never quite worked the same. After not going to the doctor because that 's how stubborn he is, he fell down a second time and this time he couldn 't get back up. So my uncle Kevin took him to the doctor and they told him that grandpas muscles were just weak and that he 'd be fine. But when grandpa couldn 't walk anywhere without losing his balance they took him to the hospital to see what was going on. They said that he had a disease that made it so the brain told the leg to move but the leg wasn 't getting the message…show more content…
When we were on our way to Kearney Cheyenne and I kept looking in the sky to try and find the helicopter. We arrived at the hospital right when the helicopter was landing. We sat and watched for a little bit then we went inside. The lady at the front desk had said we had to wait for them to get him settled and then only family members could go in. It took forever before we could see him. There was coffee up there and I bet dad and I drank 2 cups before we were let in. When we say grandpa he was as white as a ghost. The doctor said that one of his intestine walls had a hole in it and that he would have to go into surgery. The bad thing was that they were out of the medicine they needed to perform surgery, so we would have to wait till tomorrow but there was a chance he wouldn 't make it through tonight. As we sat there praying for the best the doctor came in and said that there was a new drug that does the same as the stuff they were out of but it was more expensive. We didn 't care and we sent him into surgery as soon
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