Personal Narrative: My Grandpa's Drinking Habits

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It was an ever growing routine. It was a routine that was very deeply ingrained within him. When I try to remember my grandpa, his drinking routine always comes right along with it. Even the earliest memories of my grandpa consist of it. For the longest time, I had believed that his drinking habits were part of him and that everyone around had just conformed to them. I slowly realized as I got older that no one had conformed and that it is was a never-ending struggle that I had become accustomed to. The presence of my grandpa’s drinking habit had been so huge in my home that I would not really imagine my home without it. It was only after my grandpa’s passing that I got to really experience a home without the tension of their being any senseless arguments.

When I think back, I am able to remember many incidents where my grandpa’s drinking caused conflicts in my home. But the most significant of these memories is probably the most severe. My grandpa was now drinking more than he had ever before. He would drink a countless amount of times daily. This, as a result, led to there being much more conflict.
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He was a retired teacher who had brought up a family in the U.S. He had a lot yet he still drank till his kidneys were no longer working. He drank all that he had away. He drank his happiness away.

These many conflicts have had a very strong presence in my home and continue to despite my grandpa and his drinking routine no longer being present. My grandpa’s memories have always reinforced me to value what is good in life. From him I have learned to be a decent individual and to try to be my best self. Most of all, my grandpa has taught me to be a sensible person: a person who recognizes all and tries to stay true to himself, a person who is not entangled within his false reality where he is delusional of what is real. I hope to be someone who finds happiness in his own life and by no means resorts to
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