Personal Narrative: My Grant Proposals

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During my last three years of college career, I have encountered not exactly the same but few similar questions about evaluating myself. Though I know what I am capable of more than anybody else, it is not easy to judge myself where I stand. In 2012, I came from Ethiopia right out of high school, and by the time I arrived in the US, my English writing and speaking skills were very poor. I came here to attend a college, so I studied English grammar, writing and reading books for one full month and I took the non-native placement test at Montgomery College. Surprisingly, my efforts paid off, I was accepted to take credit classes and I began attending college after another month. Since then, I have taken quit few English classes and I have improved my English skill very…show more content…
However, I have never done any grant proposal work in the past, so I am sure the last assignment is going to be a challenge for me. From its title, grant proposals are usually done by organization leaders and scientists who are seeking fund for their research. I am not yet a leader or a scientist, so I still have a lot to learn to be able to craft a good grant proposal. What is important is that I am still a student and learning, so I still have the opportunity to achieve this. ENGL395 is my first English that focuses on my long term educational career, medicine. As the semester goes, I am sure I will learn a lot and be ready to write the grant proposal assignment. Though I am still learning, in a three years and some months ran, I feel very good about my English writing, reading and speaking skill. I started from scratch and I am now able to write essay such as like this, so it a great success for me. My instructors and mentors have had a big role for my success, so I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you very
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