Personal Narrative: My Great Grandfather Emilio Collado Jr.

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Emilio Collado Jr. Introduction My great grandfather Emilio Collado .jr came up with the idea for german monetary system or berlin wall for both sides.He also became the vice president of exxonmobil, and was an economist for the Treasury Department and specialized in international monetary issues.President Truman nominated him for the world bank. He made exxonmobil a widely known company and since he was great with issues he could make them a larger company since he was vice president.And had many awards he even got asked to join the cabinet but since a democrat asked and he was republican he said no. Early-life When my great grandfather Emilio Collado .jr was born in Cranford, New Jersey in 1909, and was an overachiever in school.He…show more content…
This helped america greatly which made sense because world war II was such a problem most people prefer to not talk about it. “The World Bank couldn't be big enough in its terms”. is what my great grandfather said in an interview in 1934.In 1944 at Bretton Woods, N.H. There, the United States and Britain effectively designed the postwar international monetary system. In doing so creating the International Monetary system. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.He inspired me because I want to go to…show more content…
In 1938 when he helped come up with the German monetary system, he knew it was a game changer for his life and it was such a game changer but imagine you're parents living in Europe and being powerless and then saying ok now we have freedom and can’t get attacked by any nazi and then being able to kind- of spit in their faces. Well Emilio Collado did too. He came up with this system because he knew it had to help. He knew the germans or berliners would hate this but you do not know if their was another Adolf Hitler in germany would you want a world war III. Well he helped prevent that because even today people want to be a Nazi but the german monetary system prevented that and then when the wall was torn down most germans were scared to go anywhere. And now the berlin wall is one of the most talked about historical monuments in the world and now think would that have been made if my Great Grandfather did not go into economics. Now you might think it still would have been built well probably but it might have taken a longer amount of time to come up with this great idea and more people would have escaped and that would have caused more people to be scared.He died at 84 years and had two children his first wife was. He died in
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