Personal Narrative: My Great Grandma Knott

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Do you have that one person, that you just can’t stop thinking about, the one who inspired you? Well for me that person was my great great grandma Knott, she inspired me to never give up until the end. My great great grandma Knott was a nice lady, she was sweet, sometimes had an attitude, she was always happy nomadder what. The thing I really remember about my great great grandma Knott is that she never gave up.
Arlene Knott was my great great grandma Knott, well she still is my great great grandma. Arlene inspired me in many ways. One way was to never give up no matter how hard it is to accomplish that goal. My great great grandma Knott was born with a disease. After she was born, she was pronounced dead three times.The
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She loved having people over to see her, since she lived in the nursing home. I still remember how, on my christmas list to “Santa” number 1 on the list was to go see my great great grandma Knott. I remember how she always had a bag of 3 musketeers, she always gave us two or even a handful every time we went and saw her.
My great great grandma, was always strong. She was always positive, I still remember the day she was dieing. I came home all happy and in a really good mood, and I remember looking for my grandma everywhere so, I finally asked my grandpa where she was. My grandpa told me everything. The next thing I knew I was in my room crying my eyes out. I remember my grandma coming home and I had my door locked, my little sister was so scared she went and got my grandma. My grandma told me to get dressed and get in the car, as I was getting to the car my grandma got a phone call. My great great grandma had passed just then. That whole week I didn’t talk, and I cried all the time.
My great great grandma Knott was a amazing person, she was my inspiration. I don’t know what I would have done without getting to know her, my life would have been a lot different not meeting her and knowing her. She was always there and she was a very funny person. I will always remember her. She will always be in my heart, no matter what life throws at
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