Personal Narrative: My Great Grandma Rice

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Great Grandma Rice I interviewed my Great Grandma who was born December 20, 1917. She is now 98 years old and still going strong. She has known me since I was born and I am blessed to know who she is today. She was the seventh child of two brothers and four sisters. She was almost abandoned by her mother after she gave birth to her. Her Father said he would take care of her and make sure nothing bad happened to her. When she was little, she lived in Chicago. She remembered roller skating in chicago at age 6. She got ice skates for christmas that year and used them all the time. She went downtown with family and roller skated together. Her family would take trips up the straights in a boat to the U.P. They have a Red cabin on Lake Superior…show more content…
When they got older, they would talk about boys and who they have dated or gone out with. Dating in high school back in her day is different than what it means in our day. The boy would come to your door and meet your parents and come and get the girl. They would go out and see a drive in movie or something. Then they would return the girl home on time before her curfew.(The best movies to see was with the Actors Buddy Rogers and Mary Pickford. They were funny in all the movies they starred in.) Then the popular singer was Kate Smith who was and opera singer. She was amazing according to my grandma. Everyone listened to her when they were in high school. When she graduated, she didn't go to college. It wasn't common for women to go on with education. She worked as a secretary and met her husband through work. They met in April 1936 and married that August 30th, 1936. They live in Lawrence, Michigan for a while and had a house for her husband's parents to live in too. It was a little one bedroom and one bathroom home that they built for them. Once they passed away my grandparents stayed in there house and sold it when they all couldn’t fit in it. She had three beautiful children that are all grown up now. Mike is

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