Personal Narrative: My Growing UShool

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It all started in Lake forest hospital where I was born. I then grew up in Palatine where I lived about half my life. I lived in Palatine from 2000 to 2007. That part of my life being there was very interesting, I knew a good amount of people, but I was really the shy kid of the room. Growing up school was hard for me because I had a speech problems and I couldn 't even talk till I was 4. Till to this day I am surprised that I worked pretty hard to be where I am now. The scary part was that my doctor thought I was autistic because that’s a sign of someone whose autistic. Life was scary for my parents as I was a young child. I had a lot classes I had to get and special tutors to help me speak correctly. I wasn’t even in a normal class till …show more content…

When there first told me I really didn’t want to move because I had a good amount of friends that I had and I liked the people around me. My parents told me its gonna be okay you 're going to make a lot of new friends at your new school. I always kept denying it because I was always the shy kid growing up. As the weeks went on and we finally moved to our new house on 1 August 2008. My mother, sister and I drove up to our new local school that was 10 minutes away from our house, the name of school was Fremont elementary school. The cool part was that they were adding a new section to the school to make it bigger and when we went in there I will have to say it is a pretty nice school. If we had to compare schools here for better quality this school beats my old school out of the park. Let’s just say my mom was thrilled when she walked into the school. Her eyes just glowed because she knew that this would be the place where I could both make a lot friends and have better help with my issues. In conclusion, as the years went my life has never been changed as much as it has, making a lot of new friends, had teachers that helped me be the best student I could be, and also have a way better education then I would be have in Palatine. As much as I didn’t want to move to Hawthorn woods I realize that it was a lot better choice for me and my family. The fact is if I didn’t move I would of probably would 've done worse in school and probably would have been in way worse classes that I wouldn’t been in today. Still to this day I am still making new friends at Carmel and still planning to make even

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