Personal Narrative: My Growing Up In San Francisco, California

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I grew up in San Francisco, California and I am so happy that i did. My home state has always seemed so welcoming compared to others and it still continues to do so in my opinion. I believe that growing up in california has positively influenced me because it is so diversed and filled with endless opportunities. There are so many people from all over the world who come to california and it is an important aspect because it resulted to having me exposed to different cultures as I’ve grown up and it has changed my perspectives on many things in the world. Opportunities are also everywhere in california, for example , a program that i am attending called Breakthrough, it is a non profit organization that supports youth in receiving a good education and supports students on the path to college. …show more content…

Being raised in san francisco has been something i’ve been grateful for my whole life specifically because i feel like i belong. My individuality and originality comes from San Francisco, their public transportation led me to taking the bus at the early age of 7 and the community in San Francisco has always been caring and encouraging which has influenced me to do the same to others. My goals as I grew up in SF has always been to become successful and buy one of the houses there and to live there forever, but as I learned that I can go explore cities out of SF, I have been able to extend my goals to doing things internationally. I would have to say that I would not be the understanding, outgoing, and hardworking person I am today if I did not grow up in the environment I

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