Personal Narrative: My Heroic Journey

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My Heroic Journey By David Kraus

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” -Wayne Gretzky. This quote is from one of my idols that I look up to whenever I play sports and It reminds me to have no regrets. If I want to play a sport, then I should play it, it was as simple as that. I didn't want to look back at an opportunity that I didn't take full advantage of. As for badminton, I didn’t have much of a connection to the sport, but it looked fun to play. After I quit hockey and soccer, my life was filled with free time, I was living an ordinary and simple life, I didn't know what I wanted to do. In grade seven, I decided I would try out for the school badminton team.

The time came, I was very anxious to go to tryouts and I didn’t know
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It would be great to win, don’t get me wrong, but I found that having amusement was a higher priority. If I was doing my best and giving my all, it didn't bother me that I lost. In fact it just pushed me to do better. You learn at lot from experience, if you know what you’re doing wrong, you learn a lot more, than just constantly winning. You have to fail before you can succeed and win. Even professionals struggle. Eventually you will succeed with hard work. However, for the times I was winning I learned that you need to keep it cool or as I like to say “keep it down”, don’t get cocky and let the winning sight get the worse of you. Before badminton I would ponder in the past or future and that “what if” factor. I realized through my journey that there are somethings you want to change but you can’t, that’s most of the time the past and the future. Through badminton, I came to knew that you need to focus on the present don’t gloat after a point, or get discouraged if you drop a point, forget it and move on. The only point that matters is this one right now. It's the only way you change the score or in the bigger picture in life the past or
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