Personal Narrative: My Hero's Destiny

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A dagger screamed, slicing through the air - or should I say, lack thereof. Time froze and my eyes widened in realization of who the dagger was flying towards. It aimed directly at me. I watched in slow motion as the dagger began to curve in a new direction before identifying it 's new victim. I turned quickly and latched my small hand around his wrist. With all my strength, I pulled him beside me and time fluttered out of slow motion and back to reality.

“Do you want to die today, Matthias?” I glared angrily at the young man and dropped my hand from his wrist. “And where on Earth did she find that dagger?!”

He opened his mouth to speak before he was interuppeted. A banshee-like scream rang throughout the metal container. My eyes focused back towards the hysterical woman. Her blue eyes blazed a burning red, like fire devouring through a forest. Her fists clenched and unclenched as her eyes
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I watched the blade spin perfectly until piercing through her hard skull. Her movements froze and I watched her breath catch in her throat. I looked away and met the sound of a loud thud. Matthias turned towards me and I anxiously awaited for what I’d see in his eyes: fear, disgust, fury? As his eyes met mine, they softened and the obvious emotion of relief coursed throughout his body. Yet, I noticed a slight glimmer pass through his eyes; a hidden emotion he wasn’t unveiling to me. I decided not to press it.

We watched each other in silence. Not long before warning alarms and flashing red lights resonated throughout our metal shuttle. I cleared my throat, “I’m sorry for your loss, but we must hurry.”

I moved forward and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the escape shuttle. I tugged him forward before he snatched his hand back. He stared at me like I was a puzzle and he couldn’t quite figure out where the pieces went.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I wondered aloud.

He tilted his head and looked deeply into my eyes, “Do you know why we’re
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