Personal Narrative: My Hidden History

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I believe a strength I’ve discovered is the ability to efficiently read history books and comprehend them. At the midterm reflection, this was the area I felt I could improve on and I believe I have turned this into a strength. At first it was hard for me to pay attention to what I was reading in history books because at times they were boring; I would have to reread every section to understand what I had just read. Now that I have done several assignments, I feel that I have mastered this weakness. The moment I knew I had strengthened my ability to comprehend the history book was the final assignment. One area I feel I could still improve on is professionalism in writing papers. Grammar and correct punctuation is something I try to perfect, but it takes me many tries before it’s correct. This is a skill I am constantly trying to improve upon, and will be important in any class/job. I can improve on this skill by having others proofread my papers, and see which mistakes constantly they notice. Once I have improved this skill I will be able to feel more confident when I turn in essays and assignments.…show more content…
This was the topic of my Hidden History assignment, and I feel this has had the biggest influence in my overall knowledge of the class. This is a topic I am truly interested in, and I believe the information I learned will stick with me forever. I learned how they used to compete, how women and men were unequal and the evolution from the ancient Olympics to the modern Olympic Games. Another significant insight I came to was the history my Grandpa experienced. It wasn’t until the Oral Communications assignment, that I talked to my Grandpa about what he has experienced through history. I enjoyed this assignment and hearing about how Pearl Harbor affected his
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