Personal Narrative: My High School Graduate

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With the warm air in my face, causing my make up to become sticky. Once I was handed my diploma with my name on it, I didn’t worry about anything at that moment or for the whole day. I wasn’t thinking about the way my crown hair was uneven, or that my makeup was staining my gown, or that my black and white platform heels didn’t match my rose pink dress. The worries that were superficial before I truly graduated had melted away. The tough parchment paper under my hand made my day ten times better than anything ever could until that moment. I didn’t have to fake a smile for this photo, because I was able to crack a genuine smile for once in my life. Keona and I stood next to one another looking like honored young kids, huddled together with confetti and mortarboards in the air. To be honest, we looked like tenth graders who decided to wear the seniors graduation gear and crash the party. Overall, in that moment I had no worries at all and it showed with the large idiotic smile I had on my face.…show more content…
Although the feelings didn’t last as long as I’d like they were still important to me, how my classmates could always set the mood, how I’d always be proud of my friend and her accomplishments, and how I was able to feel an emotion I want to feel always. When I graduate from college, I hope I can feel the same way or even better when getting my college
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