Personal Narrative: My Hispanic Family

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Doning the title as a hispanic goes far beyond how one looks and speaks, but rather how one conducts himself through every step of their life. I greatly contribute my hispanic roots in shaping me into the young man I am today. The morals and traditions instilled in me such as my unparalleled work ethic and family values leach from my upcoming in a strong hispanic lifestyle. My Grandmother and her family immigrated from Mexico at an early age in a dire attempt to discover a life that bettered their quality of life. She had to tolerate working in fields to make money that then fed her at night. Thrust into adulthood at a very young age, she was forced to mature fast. The lessons she learned as a young girl were past down through the generations and have now arrived at me. Hearing of her stories and the struggles she endured has inspired me in my life to live with a strong resilience. I want to prove to the naysayers that with hard work even the seemingly impossible adversities of life can be overcome and concerned.…show more content…
I have always cherished the close relationship with my family and appreciate the importance they play in my life. My mother shared a very similar experience with her family growing up. I strongly believe that the affectionat relatioships shared between families is derived from the culture of hispanic heritage. My family will always be their for me and are a securlty blanket for me to fall back on if need
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